There can be multiple mother vertices

|Result|Input|Expected Output|Actual Output|Reason|
||findMotherVertex((0,1) (1,2) (2,0))|0|[0, 1, 2]|Incorrect Output|
||findMotherVertex((0,1) (1,2) (3,0) (3,1)|3|[3]|Incorrect Output|

Hi Frank,

This is Lubaina from Educative. Thank you for reaching out! We are happy to hear from you.

In response to your above feedback, we have tested the provided code in the Challenge 4: Find Mother Vertex in a Graph for course “Data Structures for Coding Interviews in Python: From Soup to Nuts”. We have tested the code provided as the solution for your inputs and results are returning 0 and 3 respectively as Mother Vertices.

Feel free to ask If you have any further queries.

Lubaina Khan | Developer Advocate