This course is a joke

How to make a “Object Oriented Interview” course:

  1. Create a huge and confusing class diagram
  2. Make a class for all the nouns mentioned in the problem descripton
  3. Throw in some methods here n there that correspond to verbs in the problem statement
  4. Don’t bother checking that the class diagram and the classes are related
  5. Add a descreption before each snippet that says “Here is the code for ABC, DEF, XYZ classes”

No effort at all in writing the reason behind why the classes/methods are the way they are, in many cases no relation between diagram and code. Just classes created left right and center.


Dear @simran,
Your feedback is appreciated. We’ll try our best to improve the class diagram so that it is easier to understand.

++. very sad to see this of such poor quality even after so long
After reading this I was left with so many questions. Of critical importance is the translation from class diagrams to code. Leaving behind syntactical mistakes such as bool/ boolean in Java, for instance, the class diagram dictates a Customer can have many orders. But, in code instead of List, only Order is mentioned as a property. In another case, an Order has many shipments. However, there is no show of how these two are connected except a verb “sendForShipment”.

Needs a thorough review. Please improve on translation from class diagram to Code


This course is more like the solutions Appendix at the end of a textbook. We need to know the dervations of the solutions.