User data will be present in databases on bank's server

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  1. User’s data will be stored in huge databases. We are making simple classes here for user account info. ATM m/c will act as a client. Please confirm that understanding is correct. If yes, Should we design the database also while solving the problem which be present at bank’s server side. Would it be a good idea to explore that dimension as well or solutions to object oriented design problems is limited to class design only.

  2. Here Bank and ATM will be located at a distance. Communication might happen using rest API calls with Bank’s server. Not sure what technology is used for ATM. Should we write web services for interaction with bank while providing the solution to this problem.

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Good observation @padam, hoping for some feedback on it.

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HI @Adriaan_Beiertz
Thanks. I see that does not reply to our queries. Their fee for the courses is very high but returns are zero in terms of solving queries. I havent seen such a thing with any paid courses.