What i observed in their problem solution is that you are not covering Entity Relationship and how data should be persisted

Hi Educative Team,

After going through couple of real world problem solution in this course, i noticed that you are not covering ER Diagram and aspects relating to data persistence. What do you thinking when we attend LLD interviews then we should not cover the data persistence details like what tables we need and how are the related etc., Please suggest.


Course: Grokking the Low Level Design Interview Using OOD Principles - Learn Interactively
Lesson: Class Diagram for the Amazon Locker Service - Grokking the Low Level Design Interview Using OOD Principles

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Hi @Pavan_Kumar !!
The “Grokking Low-Level Design Interview” course focuses on OOD concepts, design principles, and patterns, crucial for the low-level design part of software engineering interviews. Given your interest in data persistence, I recommend our course, “Database Design Fundamentals for Software Engineers.” It covers key database concepts, normalization, SQL basics, and complements your low-level design knowledge. Explore the course here for a well-rounded skill set.
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