What is the difference between the two Rails front-end courses by the Pragmatic Programmers?

There’s this one: modern-front-end-rails
And this one: rails-for-front-end-development-essential-tools

Other than the second one being twice as long (25 hr vs 12 hr), they seem to be quite similar. They both use a very similar sample app, for example.

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Also: is there a way to see the final app on either one of these courses? I would like to try it out before I commit the time and money. Thanks!

Hi @David_Ecklund

Regarding your concern about seeing the final results of the application developed in the courses; you can try and execute the program in either of the courses, lesson links for both courses’ code example:

  1. Rails for Front-end Development: Essential Tools → Understanding the Application
  2. Modern Front-end Development for Rails → Introduction to the Course

Attached below are screenshots of both apps running in the browser;