What is the shoe_store module?

There’s a shoe_store module in the examples and I don’t know where it came from or where to find it. I found the DB connector methods in the appendix but a link to that might be useful. This lesson feels like it used to be later in the course and was moved without proofing.


Hi. The same issue here. Some functions and tests are just said “to be added” but it’s not clear, where they should be added. Right now I have them just not working. Going to continue the course and have this cleared later on.


hi @Agnislav_Onufriichuk , @nodebotanist ,
could you please share the link of the course and the lesson you are facing this issue in?

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same issue

I am also struggling with this module. It’s very poor compared to the first one in this series. It guides you to install diesel locally then seems to give up on that idea and has you do things in browser so the instructions following on from the diesel setup in the appendix are insufficient to allow you to run this locally.


Yeh, this second module is not ready for publication IMO. It isn’t even clear how you’re intended to follow along with the text.

Not impressed with this one educative :sob:

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Hello from the future! The year is 2024. Still not fixed…

Same issue… Has anyone ever completed this course? Would be of great help if someone can post the project structure…