What is this method of accessing a property dynamically within the state object called?

const activeSession = action.payload.toLowerCase();
return {
[activeSession]: state[activeSession] + 1

Here, at runtime activeSession is one of DAYS, MINUTES, HOURS etc. We’re using square brackets to substitute the correct value at runtime on the left hand side of the expression [activeSession]: state[activeSession] + 1. What is this method called?

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Hi @shaunak, Thank you for contacting the Educative team with your query!

The method of accessing a property dynamically within an object using a variable is commonly referred to as dynamic property access or dynamic property name in JavaScript. In the example, state[activeSession] is an example of dynamic property access, where the property name is determined at runtime based on the value of the activeSession variable.

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Thanks for answering my question.
For anyone else new to this pattern, it’s an ES6 feature called key interpolation (explained here: Key Interpolation Javascript - Stack Overflow).

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