What was the last time this tutorial was updated? - Even It does not includes dependencies versions

I see pretty out-date information, about the hot module replacement…

We are using CRA 4 now, and because the project does not shows what kind of versions its dependencies are…

Therefore it is complicated to know what is going about that suggestion if you do not be aware the last updates in CRA 4: It comes with react-fast-refresh plugin now, which does the same thing like Hot Module Replacement.

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Most of the educative content is outdated, I rarely read anything on this website now. Im just stuck with this 1 year plan now.


I see it now, I’m feel so dumb, due that, so codeacademy is it is better? or egg?

Hi, This is Ishrat Fatima from Educative. Thank you ULises for your constructive response. Your positive criticism helps us to grow.

In response to your comment for CRA 4, yes this is true and FAST REFRESH is now the official solution to react hot reloading. However, our course " Intermediate Redux with Redux Toolkit" does mention the Hot Replacement Module as it is still provided by official redux-toolkit website. Hence, we are also letting our learners know about this redux-toolkit functionality to complete the checklist of basics. Please Visit the official tutorial by Redux for more information.

We have now added a note about Fast Refresh to our lesson so that the readers don’t confuse it with Redux Hot Module Replacement. Thanks to you.

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