Where is the course repo?

Where is the course repo?

As I am not following along, so its good to have the repo link at every hands on section.

It doesn’t really save my time, as I am surfing through all the materials. Main motive of educative is to save time to learn

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Here is the link

As for your suggestion regarding putting it up on every hands on section, we’ll surely look into it.


Thanks for replying. Even I am looking for the answer to this question.

In the section " Deploying the StorageClass" it is mentioned that “It will only work on Kubernetes clusters running on GCP or GKE with the CSI driver enabled. YAML files for creating StorageClasses on other cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Linode, are also provided in the repo.”

But I am still not able to locate the Repo for Azure on the mentioned repository “

Kindly please help me.