Why do we do `j+1` when comparing against wordCount?

  if (j+1 === wordsCount) { // Store index if we have found all the words

Hi Shivani,

Suppose that we have 2 words in the list (our list is ["cat", "fox"]) and our string is catfoxcat. Now we want to find a substring catfox and foxcat. j is the iterator that checks the number of words we have found in our concatenated substring. Let’s say we are checking the substring catfox. Here, when j = 0, we have found the word cat. When j = 1, we have found the word fox. Now that we have found the substring catfox, and we know that we have only 2 words in the list, so we do j+1 (which in this case will be 2) and compare it to the wordsCount (which in this case is also 2). This means that we have found 2 words in the substring, and hence, we store the starting index of this substring.

Thank You!