Why Have Labels for Deployments

I guess labels on services are matched against labels on pods.
So, what is the point of having labels on deployments or replica sets?
One reason I can think is to maybe to filter resources based on labels using --selector, e.g. kubectl get all --selector name=db

What I mean is

kind: Deployment

  name: go-demo-2-db

  # part below feels redundant
    type: db
    service: go-demo-2
    vendor: MongoLabs

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@Shameek_Agarwal1 Hi, Yes we use labels because replica set support set-based selector requirements. For example while creating a bare Pod, it is totally recommended to not have Pods with the same labels as the selector of one of your ReplicaSets. Because a ReplicaSet is not limited to owning Pods specified by its template. So if we don’t have labels on them we would be unable to identify them.