Why will blockserver talk to metadata storage

In first figure, why arrow from block server to metadata db. why would it talk to metadata db?

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Metadata stores information about files such as File Name, Size, Directory and sharing. So, the block server must be aware of this information in order to retrieve or update some information about a file in cloud. I think that the confusion of this figure is about the “metadata server”, which can be understand as the service that handle the metadata of a given file. The Figure shows the Block Server accessing directly the Metada Storage, which can be confusing.


Artur Baruchi
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Since client has all details in local db,so client talks to block server and fetch details.Client db is spruce of truth for uploading and downloading in db. What I figured last time is that block server talks to metadata storage to see,if the hash of the block is already there or not. Because it is possible that user a is uploading block that is already uploaded by user b so user a client cannot detect this.It took me time, but this fits use case:)

Exactly where I am confused of. I don’t think it is a good idea that block server can directly access Metadata DB.