Wrong command/persmissions in example

The line ansible localhost -m file -a "path=/ansible state=directory" is wrong (if run on directly on host) as one is trying to write to the root directory, and will return a permission denied error. The line ansible localhost -m file -a "path=./ansible state=directory" would be more appropriate. However, then the output example would be incorrect (owner is root in example).

Good step by step through ansible so far with a few quirks. I think the course is missing a few key stages, such as installing ansible on a host. It makes a few leaps where I was left wondering if I missed a page.

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Thank you for your suggestion. In the Educative platform, it’s not running directly; that’s why it is running fine. If you are using your local machine you can use as follows:

ansible localhost -m file -a "path=./ansible state=directory"