"Your app refused to connect" notification

Does anyone know why when I open the app it shows “Your app refused to connect.”?

I´ve been trying a few things but they don´t work…

Thks in advance

^ You need to do that before it’ll work.

Let me know if this helps!

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server does not respond wgen run button is pressed

when run is pressed. opps

This is Mishaal from Educative. Thank you for writing to us.

As correctly pointed out above, we will first click RUN to get the live widget running,
next, we type in npm start command, this will start the live-server that will host your app on the URL provided.

This is Step 3 in the Exercise as shown below:

When we don’t provide the npm start command, the live-server is not started, hence the app refuses to connect as there is no server to host it.

This is for learning purposes only, so the learners are acquainted with starting the live-server. We have added this requirement in only the first exercise, the exercises that follow do not require you to type in the npm start command, we have added it on the back-end, so clicking RUN automatically starts the live-server.

We hope the above answer was helpful to you and Educative has inspired to further your learning.
Please feel free to reach out in case of further queries or concerns. Good luck!

Best Regards,
Mishaal | Developer Advocate


After pressing the run button do this:


Then the app will work.