Calculation on capacity - is 10GB correct?

These two statements seem to contradict each other (requirements gap?)

“We can limit users not to have Pastes bigger than 10MB to stop the abuse of the service.”

“Users can upload maximum 10MB of data; commonly Pastebin like services are used to share source code, configs or logs. Such texts are not huge, so let’s assume that each paste on average contains 10KB.”

The first statement limits the user’s paste larger than 10MB. The second sounds like it limits the total size allowed per user (not individual pastes). Although the 10KB is an average, it is not the maximum they can post.

Looking at the calculation:
1M * 10KB => 10 GB/day

Shouldn’t we use 10MB in the calculation, which is significantly higher? (10TB/day)

That’s an incredibly high number but there are no stated limits to it being hit. Perhaps the requirement should limit the size of each paste to 10KB and the users total to 10MB

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My understanding is that those numbers would be the average use of the service, but, sure you can go with the limits and say that every user is going to use the app at the maximum limit.