Certificates Suitable for SE Managers

I am going through transition phase to Software Engineering Manager. I am actively applying for role of SE Manager. However, I found out that there are many things to learn. I have just finished Acing the Engineering Manager Interview.

What other courses do you advice me to take that helps me in the interview?
Is there a certificate path or certificates suitable for me to take ?

Congratulations on your transition to the role of Software Engineering Manager! It’s great that you’re actively seeking to enhance your skills and knowledge. Educative offers a variety of courses that can be beneficial for software engineering managers. Here are some additional courses you might find valuable:

  1. The System Design Interview Prep Handbook: Understanding system design is crucial for an engineering manager. This course can help you prepare for questions related to designing scalable and maintainable systems.

  2. Grokking the Behavioral Interview: This course offers insights into handling behavioral interviews, which includes questions about your past experiences, leadership style, and problem-solving approach.

  3. Data Structures and Algorithms in Python: Although you may not be writing code daily as a manager, having a solid understanding of algorithms and data structures can still be beneficial. This course can refresh your knowledge in these areas.

  4. Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager module, Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager course: This course covers a broad range of topics related to software engineering interviews, providing you with a well-rounded preparation.

  5. Skill path “Become an Effective Engineering Manager - Learn Interactively

Good luck with your interviews and your transition into the Software Engineering Manager role!