Connecting ropes Javascript solution

const Heap = require('./collections/heap'); //

function minimum_cost_to_connect_ropes(ropeLengths) {
  // add all ropes to the min heap
  const minHeap = new Heap(ropeLengths, null, ((a, b) => b - a));

  // go through the values of the heap, in each step take top (i.e., lowest) rope lengths from the min heap
  // connect them and push the result back to the min heap.
  // keep doing this until the heap is left with only one rope
  let result = 0;
  while (minHeap.length > 1) {
    const temp = minHeap.pop() + minHeap.pop();
    result += temp;

  return result;

Shouldn't the naming of the heap be `maxHeap`, since we are storing all the elements in a descending order and the `root` is always the largest number in the array?

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I think you misunderstood something, the aim is to take the lowest rope length at each step and that is being achieved by creating a min heap where the root is always the minimum value.