Dark mode for all content!

Can we got a dark mode on this website
The website hits my eye with so much brightness! I wish I could enable dark mode on normal web content as well!


well, you can install dark mode extension in your browser at least :slight_smile:

Totally agree. And my Firefox read mode widget doesn’t work on Educative sites either. :frowning: :expressionless:

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That append to me too, so I use Brave Browser instead of Chrome, Dark Reader extention works great

yes, i wish the same

Yes Dark mode please. My eyes hurt. Chrome extension doesn’t do a good job.

Hi @Darshan_N, @Champ_Ramentio, @Leo, @ivan1, @Karthik_suryadevara, and @baqir_khan!

Dear all, we can enable dark mode on the Educative platform now. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rabia_Mumtaz How did you do that??

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Hi @Michael_Chuprin!

This mode is in the testing phase these days. We are working on it. You would be soon able to enable this amazing mode.


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If you are on Edge, you can enable the experimental force dark mode setting. It’s currently working for me for


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Please add the dark mode as soon as possible it would greatly help reading in dark

Dark mode is now available for Beta. Under a lesson page, open setting on upper top right, you can turn dark mode on for the whole platform (except for this discussion page haha)

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