Designing a Parking lot - Object Oriented Design

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public class Admin extends Account {
public bool addParkingFloor(ParkingFloor floor);
public bool addParkingSpot(String floorName, ParkingSpot spot);
public bool addParkingDisplayBoard(String floorName, ParkingDisplayBoard displayBoard);
public bool addCustomerInfoPanel(String floorName, CustomerInfoPanel infoPanel);

public bool addEntrancePanel(EntrancePanel entrancePanel);
public bool addExitPanel(ExitPanel exitPanel);

In this class , what do you mean by bool, there is no data type bool in java .
2nd point Admin is not a abstract class nor the public bool addParkingFloor(ParkingFloor floor); methods then why did you declare them like abstract methods.

**I can assume that these are the typos or mistakes. **
Or else it just written it this manner due to lack of patience or concentration.
I have seen that there is no consistency in the given code.

I think we can use this as a reference to see components.But there code does seems to be efficient.It does not show how to maintain free slots.How to find a free slot,and allocate vehicle.Lot of missing points and lot of unimportant stuff is there.Like electric vehicles charging,customer portal,attendent portal.Why do we need these?The main purpose should be to show allocating slots but they have just abstracted it

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