Feature Request for Educative IO

Just selected these courses because I had to choose a course, this is an opinion on UI not a course.

Would it be possible for Educative IO to improve the UX of the code terminals?
I feel like I am straining my neck at times staring at the very bottom of my screen when there is a small terminal at the bottom of a fairly long article. I can’t move the terminal further up on the screen because it is at the end of page, so no more scroll bar. It would be great to have a split terminal but obviously there are going to be complications there because there are articles with more than one terminal.

Some off the cuff solutions from easiest to most difficult to implement:

  • Sizing Button - Just a draggable sizing button like on rich text fields.
  • Pop Out Terminals - Just let me pop the terminal out to another window.
  • Tabbed Split Screen Terminals - Split Pane view like most sandbox code websites, with tabs for each individual terminal.

My other gripe with the terminal is that there is no spacing at the top, so text feels sort of tightly packed, does not feel as clean as most editors, but I can work around this by adding a few line indents.

Not sure if I am the only one who feels this, please bump if you feel the same.
I like this site but the editor is far behind others, especially for a paid service.

Hi @Michael_von_der_Lipp,
Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll definitely consider them.