How do we classify AWS Route 53? Authoritarian or TLD?

is AWS Route 53 an Authoritarian server or TLD Server?


AWS Route 53 is not an “Authoritarian server” or a TLD (Top-Level Domain) server. It is a managed DNS (Domain Name System) web service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows users to manage and route domain names to various resources, such as IP addresses, Amazon S3 buckets, AWS Elastic Load Balancers, and more.

Route 53 can act as an authoritative DNS server for the domains you manage within it, meaning it provides the correct DNS records (like A records, CNAME records, etc.) for your domain names. However, it does not manage the global DNS infrastructure or top-level domains like “.com,” “.org,” “.net,” which are managed by TLD servers.

In summary, AWS Route 53 is a DNS service that lets you manage DNS records for your domains, but it is not an “Authoritative server” or a TLD server in the sense of managing top-level domains or the entire DNS hierarchy.