Is this an acceptable solution for this challenge?


I completed this challenge using below solution. I also made a change on stack class, within pop() function, such that first element is popped from stack, which is in an array, instead of last element.

from Stack import MyStack

Push Function => stack.push(int) //Inserts the element at top

Pop Function => stack.pop() //Removes and returns the element at top

Top/Peek Function => stack.get_top() //Returns top element

Helper Functions => stack.is_empty() & stack.isFull() //returns boolean

class NewQueue:
def init(self):
self.main_stack = MyStack()
# Write your code here

# Inserts Element in the Queue
def enqueue(self, value):
    return True

# Removes Element From Queue
def dequeue(self):
    return self.main_stack.pop()


Yes, your approach is correct.