Missing some explanations before

Hi, i am wondering why there is such a huge step or better jump between “Function overloading” and “Lambda Functions”.
In the lesson “Lambda Functions” is new stuff not explained before, namespaces, structs and other concepts, why?
Would is not be better to teach lambda later or at least point to explanations of the new concepts?


Hi @ek1!

Hope you are doing well. Its an intermediate-level course, you can see. In our intermediate-level courses, we assume that the learner has a slighter now-how about the given course concepts.

That’s the rule:

  • The course requires a 101-level knowledge of the topic.
  • By the end of the course, the learner will have a 201 (or slightly higher) level understanding of the topic.


Hi, the module is supposed to build up from the basics as per the module description. Any prerequisites (101 level understanding) are not mentioned clearly. It would be great if the Lambda Functions module can be updated to build up from basics, just like the rest of the modules.



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agreed with OP and @Japmansgill
pedagogically, it doesn’t really make sense.

I have not been here for a long time. I think it’s a question of perspective. I got the topic from the “LEARNING PATH C++ for Programmers”. Which is described with “We’ll take you from basic to advanced concepts”. In this LEARNING PATH the topic comes right after learning about classes and that is a high jump.