My new course "Simple Anomaly Detection using SQL" is up!


With the help of the great team at Educative, I just released my first course “Simple Anomaly Detection using SQL”.

I’m excited to share this with you all, and I want to tell a little bit about the course.

:thinking: What is anomaly detection?

Anomaly is when you have sudden burst of failed requests, or a sudden increase in failed transaction, sales or any other metric. Anomaly detection are techniques that can identify these anomalies.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why is anomaly detection important?

Using anomaly detection you can catch anomalies sooner rather than later, and act to fix the problem! Nothing will go unnoticed.

Imagine you have a huge bug that causes users to fail, and you don’t even know about it! :dizzy_face:

:grinning: Why you should take this course?

This course demonstrate how to use SQL to implement a simple, but very effective anomaly detection in your system.

With no additional tools and libraries, just the database you already have and some math, you can catch anomalies and be a hero! :man_superhero: :woman_superhero:

I’ve been using this technique in production to alert when there is an sudden increase in failed payments, and failed requests and let me tell you… It saved my behind multiple time :sweat_smile:

Also, SQL is one of the most requested skills in job interviews, and this course is packed with advanced SQL that can give you an advantage in interviews.

So, check out the class, and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Simple Anomaly Detection using SQL

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This is great. The course seems really helpful.