Please clarify if Docker-Compose course is correctly structured

I just startred the cousre ‘Docker Course for Developers’.

The first chapter is ‘Introduction to Docker-Compose’ and first lesson is labeled ’ Docker-Compose Volumes, Environments’.

The very first sentence is:
“With an automated multi-container workflow using docker-compose, you must have started feeling a little enthusiastic about it.”

I feel like I started from second chapter, but it’s not. I kept reading and it feels like I missed a lesson, it is not introduction if it’s using terms that were not explained.

What is automated multi-container workflow?

What is docker-compose?

Are you guys sure that there is no some kind of mix-up here?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Dejan,
The actual Course for Docker Compose is this one. Looks like the Docker compose section in the track “Learn Devops for Developers” is picked up from the middle of the course.

Let me connect with Educative and will try to fix the transition of the section.