Read go through leader

I see two answers to this question. One in final quiz where it implies reads go through the leader whereas in the AI quiz earlier, the answer to same question says - read can go through followers. I understand from my research that 2nd is more accurate.

Could you provide clarity here?

Course: Grokking the Principles and Practices of Advanced System Design - AI-Powered Learning for Developers
Lesson: Quiz on Raft - Grokking the Principles and Practices of Advanced System Design

Based on your research and understanding, you’ve correctly identified that reads can indeed go through followers in Raft. This aligns with the concept of read-only queries being serviced by followers to distribute the load and improve system performance.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you please specify which other AI quiz answer you are referring to? This will help us better understand the discrepancy and ensure that we address it appropriately in our review of the course content.

To ensure clarity and accuracy, we’ll review both instances where this question appears in our course content. We’ll make any necessary updates to ensure that the correct information is presented consistently throughout the material.