Reference of search Catalog in User class

In the requirements it is mentioned that user should be able to search the questions by word, name and tags. Why there is no reference of search Catalog class is provided in the User class?

Hi @saurabh_jha

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The SearchCatalog class is not directly referenced in the User class because the responsibility for searching questions is abstracted into a separate class, aligning with the principle of separating concerns and maintaining a modular design.

As demonstrated in the lesson content, the SearchCatalog class implements the Search interface, offering methods for searching queries using tags, usernames, and keywords. This design choice enhances scalability and flexibility.

The User class’s primary focus is user-related actions such as creating questions, adding answers, and interacting with content. On the other hand, the SearchCatalog class encapsulates the search functionality, following the Single Responsibility Principle.

When a user initiates a search, the User class may use the SearchCatalog class methods to perform the search based on the specified criteria. This separation of concerns ensures that changes to search capabilities can be isolated to the SearchCatalog class without impacting the User class or other user-related functionalities. It’s a design approach that promotes a cleaner, more maintainable codebase.

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