Result variable hidden error

I am getting this error on DIY problems error: cannot find symbol
output += "“hidden”: " + (result.hidden ? “true” : “false”) + “,”;
symbol: variable hidden
location: variable result of type TestResult

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Hi @Pranjali_Choudhary,
Hope you are doing well! You are getting this error because you haven’t added your code and you’re trying to test it without inserting code.

Hi @Adan ,
I did add my code, its also saved, but i am still getting this error. Also this has happened for many DIY problems, after the course got updated.

Any update on this? getting error on all DIYs, got it now as well on this one

Attaching screenshot of my code, also you can see that its saved.

@Pranjali_Choudhary Can you send in the code of both test cases you’re trying to run?