Typo? on python to numpy course, indexing artice

i think there is a typo in the first box, it says np.arrange instead of arrange.

Lesson: Indexing in NumPy - From Python to Numpy

Hi @Elaina_Jeansonne !!
Its not typo here. np.arange() is a function in the NumPy library of Python that returns an array of evenly spaced values within a given interval. The syntax for using np.arange() is: np.arange([start,] stop[, step,], dtype=None).

In the case of np.arange(9), the start parameter is not specified, so the default value of 0 is used. The stop parameter is set to 9, which means that the array will contain values from 0 to 8. The step parameter is also not specified, so the default value of 1 is used.
Therefore, the output of np.arange(9) would be an array containing values from 0 to 8 with a step of 1, and z[0] will return 0 .
I hope it helps. Happy Learning :blush:

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