What about Managing Reservation/Bookings?

I’ve been going through the use cases in this course where for topics like “Airline Booking”, “Hotel Room Booking”, “Movie booking” etc. we have a “Reservation” or a “Booking”. But although we mention different operations like being able to “Cancel”, “Update”, “Add” a booking or reservation , lets call it “Manage Booking” in the use case, we do not have a section or an entity for Managing the booking or reservation in the Class diagram in each of these.

My question is, is it not supposed to exists as an “Entity” or am I missing something here?

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Hi @Parth_Patni,
As you mentioned “Cancel”, “Update”, “Add” a booking or reservation are operations. These operations are performed by entities like “FrontDeskOfficer”, and “Customer” and are a part of their functionality.
Let’s say in some case we only want to allow the “FrontDeskOfficer” to cancel a reservation so we will add the functionality to the “FrontDeskOfficer” class only and able “Customer” to make the reservation only.

Hope this answers the question. If the confusion persists feel free to continue the discussion.

That makes sense @Muhammad_Ijlal , and I was actually looking for and expecting those functions/methods to be part of those entities, but didnt find them in the respective entities. For instance, for Airline Management System, the “FrontDeskOfficer” only has “createItinerary()” and “Customer” has only “getItineraries()” which got me confused. But this clarifies my doubt. Maybe it would be a better idea to add these methods (like “cancel”, “update” ) to the respective entities ?

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