What does "This query execution time is for an optimized database with an optimized structure and relationship within the defined AWS." mean?

Hi I’ve been really enjoying this course. I came to the following line in the estimations chapter and i can’t figure out what the author is alluding to. Can you please elaborate? I’ve read it a few times now and i’m very puzzled. What does “an optimized structure and relationship within the defined AWS” mean?


Dear Amit,
I’m glad you are deeply engaging with the course content and having a great learning experience with this course.
Regarding your question, an optimized database and structure refer to the design and configuration of a database system to maximize its performance, efficiency, and scalability.

When a database is optimized, the data is organized and structured to allow for quick and efficient data retrieval, manipulation, and storage. This includes considerations such as proper indexing, normalization of data, appropriate data types, and efficient query design. In contrast to the optimized database, the time to query a non-optimized database may increase.

I hope this clears your confusion, and I wish you continued success in your learning journey at Educative.
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Thanks Yasir. That makes sense, thank you for clarifying. Your course is AMAZING. Do thank the authors on my behalf for putting something together so clearly and thoughtfully!