Where does one find Exam Results

Hello! I’m curious if we can access our exam results after the assessment? I had trouble finishing the whole exam and would like resources to some practice problems so I can improve my score, Are there resources on your site that can be used?




Details about the exam scores will remain hidden in order to make the examination process as authentic and secure as possible. The best way to practice is to master the coding challenges presented throughout the course. That’ll get you ready for the exam! :smile:

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Hi Rausheen. Thanks for the response! I guess it’s not very helpful because there isn’t any kind of public barometer for what even is a “passing” or a “failing” grade. Is under a 75% failing? Is not finishing failing? What’s the proportion of multiple choice to true false to word problems contribute to the score? To supplement that thought, the coding challenges, as helpful as they are, do not adequately prepare for questions that involve information learned but never applied within a question. I would expect an introductory course to at least provide additional practice materials so that the majority of techniques can be applied through real-life problems.

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I understand your concerns and will soon be launching a feature to show results to our learners. We won’t show them the correct answers, but we will direct them to the relevant lessons where they can refresh their knowledge to get the assessment questions right in the next attempt.

Rauhaan | Developer Advocate

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Hi @Rauhaan_Ahmed,

Just now, I got my assessment done with result A.

I don’t know if there is an A+ that I should target.
I don’t know how many questions I have got wrong.

Is there any way to know the number of questions I got wrong (I need not know which questions I failed)
Also, what are the ratings? I can see A is my result. But is A good or bad? or is there an A+


You can look for assessment call in Network tab, it tells your percentage, although not sure if it is correct or not