Why is there no section for writing our own solution and testing it?

As title, I seriously think for each topic or concept we should be able to write our own code and run the tests to better understand rather than just reading the solutions. You cannot even delete the solution code to write your own solution. Please change this. Another course on Coding Interview Patterns on this platform allows you to write your own code and test.

Hi @Raghav_Thakur
There is a coding environment at the end of the lesson, you can test out your code there!

Hi there, no there really isn’t. This course isn’t very well made to make our learning effective. I’m going through the linked list module and the course states the problem and jumps right into the solution rather then having an extra empty coding environment to try to solve the problem on our own first. I really don’t like this course and wouldn’t give it 5 stars for this reason, unlike in Grokkings courses, you get to solve the problem by yourself before looking at the solutions.

I hope the author can improve this, rather than showing the solution right away.

Which lesson/course are you referring to? The lesson I got from the tags is Determine if Brackets are Balanced - Data Structures and Algorithms in Python.