Wrong Quiz Solution

here, on the 3rd quiz question

Shells are:
A) Fully compatible with each other
B) Never compatible with each other <<<< Correct Answer
C) Somewhat compatible, with some variations between them <<<<<< Your Answer

The answer should be option C, as the lecture only says

The details aren’t necessary to know at this point, but it is important to know that different shells exist that can be related and somewhat compatible.


I agree with you, I am also confusd.

how do we get it corrected??


This is Fatima from Educative. We looked into the query you mentioned above and you’re right. The correct option is C instead of B. We have made the relevant changes in the course.

Thank you for pointing out the issue. We hope Educative has inspired to further your learning, and please drop us a note if you have any other questions or concerns.